10 May

This 2014 Audio Tree video captures the band Chon at its finest.

Band Members: 

Mario Camarena – guitars (2008–present)

  • Nathan Camarena – drums (2008–present)
  • Erick Hansel – guitars (2008–present), vocals (2016–present)
  • Esiah Camarena – bass, vocals (2008–2010, 2016–present)

Former members

  • Drew Pelisek – bass, vocals (2012–2016)

Touring members

  • Brandon Ewing – bass (2016, Super Chon Bros Tour)

Chon endorses Ibanez guitars and Overdrive Straps guitar straps. Guitarist Mario Camarena currently plays his signature Ibanez guitar called the MAR10 based on an AZ series prototype in pink with white pickguard, earlier he used the pink prototype but also a white AZ prototype that became a regular AZ Prestiege model, an Ibanez RG652fx with a custom floral print (including a black Yoshi character which Mario uses as his main in Super Smash Bros), and Ibanez S5521Q. He could also often be seen playing a custom RG created by Seth Hollander. Before "Homey" album, Mario used a Vox AC30 tube amplifier and a Fender Super Sonic, but has now switched to a Matchless amplifier. Erick Hansel primarily plays his signature Ibanez guitar called the EH10 based on the AZ series, earlier he used a dark blue AZ prototype, a RG652FX with a custom paint dip, a RG321MH (early albums and performances) and a prestige Ibanez Talman. Recently Erick has been seen with either a Vox AC30 or Matchless amplifier. Chon's early work was known to largely shun the use of effects pedals,but the band has since started experimenting heavily with pedals during the writing process for Homey.


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