Recording. Mixing & Mastering.

Audio Tracking Services. Mixing & Mastering Services. Full Stem Revamp Service. Artist or bands.

Corprate Link Integration

Integrated AV technologies. Audio Over IP. Dante. HDbaseT. Audio for Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Businesses, Conference Rooms, Stadiums, & Auditoriums.

Live Audio & Lighting Production

Live Audio Production For Events, Concerts & Weddings.

Woolsey Audio offers cutting-edge audio production services for both commercial and residential purposes. From recording to mixing, we provide top quality sound with our advanced equipment and experienced engineers. Our goal is to make sure we produce the highest quality sound with our knowledge and skills.
  •  6/1/2023 07:29 PM

New music released by WoolseyAudio Records for artist WoolseyBaby hip-hop project.

  •  6/1/2023 01:26 PM

Ran new speaker cabling, networking cables , projector, moving camera, microphone, and in house rack installation which is done with Crestron. HDbaseT.

  •  5/31/2023 09:29 AM

Redoing 50+ lecture rooms at LSU's facility. Started this project mid-may with Link Integration. We are running new network cabling with clients OFE gear and new components to be installed. Link Integration uses Crestron as vendor for all your commercial AV needs. All audio video is controlled over network using HDbaseT , TRX, Encoders, and decoders. We currently have finished about 8 of the rooms with the exception of new gear arriving.